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About the Platzhirsch in Kufstein

Let us start by saying it is not about ‘every pot has its lid’. Whether it is in shape and size, design or nature, a pot without a lid is like a house without a roof, a lounge without a ceiling or, in the most drastic case, an abandoned, distinguished old building without any designated use.

Recently we were gripped by a fervour to breathe new life into a historic townhouse in the centre of Kufstein and create a suitable ‘lid’ for this gem. In terms of the construction and also in the drafting of its intended application and in the planning, this project has been a great challenge and a daring economic project for all protagonists involved, in the first instance for the developers in the Bodner Group and the operator, the Drastil family. We took on the responsibility and, with entrepreneurial courage, thinking and in our actions, have developed the overall concept for the Goldener Hirsch in Kufstein.

The Goldener Hirsch is due respect and humility, and a concept which considers the tradition of the building and brings it back to life in a sustainable manner. We have taken on this challenge with gratitude and taking into account the features mentioned, have developed a concept which will promote the national and international touristic significance of Kufstein and which will expand upon and complement the variety of offers available in our attractive city for inhabitants and guests alike. We identify with this product and are convinced that the quality and authenticity present guarantees for success and will be the basis for a successful overall project.

Historic Old Town Hotel in Kufstein

Have you heard?

Authentic and stylish gastronomic concept